Road Trip Mini Book

ImageMini books are seriously one of my favorite crafting projects.  I like to think of them as tiny little treasures that can be looked through and enjoyed for years to come.  Not only do they hold your photos like a traditional album would, but you also have little pockets that hide tags and journaling that help to tell the story . . . yup, so much more fun than the standard photo book!  I’ve created many mini books from scratch right after the trip, but one of my favorite things to do is enjoy a two step process of creating the bones of the book before the trip and then filling it in with photos and other memorabilia during/after the trip.  There’s something charming about writing and adding things to your book as you go!ImageO and I have a little day trip planned for this upcoming weekend, so I wanted to create the basics of my book so I can just add in the details after the trip.  On the first page I decided I will write up an overall description of the trip, so I added in some lines to act as a reminder to do so :-)  Following that I have some blank pages for photos/cards/receipts/anything else, really. ImageI love this quote from Julia Child and thought it would be very fitting for a page featuring some of the food we try on our trip.  That is followed by a page with a little pocket envelope where I may end up clipping some journaling or a photo to.ImageOn the last couple of pages I have another quote I love, and this awesome transparency insert which will make a great photo border.

So there you have it . . . just the bare bones to this road trip book, but I can’t wait to fill it up with all of the fun photos and memorabilia from our mini trip!




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