Process Behind the Page: Double Date Night

process behind the pageHave you ever felt mesmerized while watching a YouTube video where an artist’s 7 hour art process is sped up into a 5 minute video? It can be a pretty awesome experience, right?  One second you’re looking at a blank canvas, and the next second you have a work of art before you! Well, I for one am a huge fan of learning peoples processes behind their final projects. I’m always learning something, whether that’s my original intent for watching/reading about the process or not.

Yesterday when I sat down to put this layout together, I decided I would record my process.  Even though it’s a small scale project, it was still really fun to slow down and think about how my layouts come together.  While my process is always changing, I do seem to follow a similar order of steps . . .

Process 1This is more of a semi-blank canvas, actually. I normally work on blank white cardstock or simple patterned paper, but I absolutely loved this print from My Minds Eye.  I had been holding onto it for quite some time and decided it would work perfectly for this layout.

Process 2To give the layout some texture and interest, I ripped the top part of my main paper along with the top and bottom of this patterned paper that I wanted to use under my photos.  I think the ripped effect helps tie the two papers together, instead of having a defining line between where the two papers meet. Process 3Next, I got together some washi tape, embellishments, and Dear Lizzy alphas to start sprucing up the page.

Process 4Washi tape is one of my favorite ways to bring color into layouts.  Here, I just taped two different washi tapes together and then cut out a heart . . . a super quick, easy, and cost effective embellishment!

Process 5I don’t usually switch up/add photos in the middle of my process, but it felt like this page would be incomplete without a photo of our sweet friends . . . after all, this page is about a double date! Thankfully, the new images fit into the layout really well, so I didn’t need to make any major changes or start over!Process 6My final step here was the journaling.  I didn’t leave any blocks of space to write, so I decided to wrap the journaling around my photos and titles as a sort of outline to where the pink and blue papers meet.  I actually really like how that turned out.Process 7

And there you have it . . . layout complete! Thanks for stopping by and walking through my process with me :-)

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