Malibu Mini Book


Happy Friday!  I’m so very excited to share this mini-book that I created using pictures from a trip we took last Saturday when we went to Malibu to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the beach.  It was a wonderful day spent with an awesome group of friends, and even though I didn’t take many photos, the photos I did take were just enough to justify making a mini book . . . love when that happens :-)

The process of creating this book was super simple.  I snapped all of the photos on my iPhone, edited them using the VSCOcam app, and then printed them using my little Selphy printer.  I decided to use mostly black and white photos, but mixed in a couple of colored photos for the group shots.  I feel like black and white always adds a more classic vibe, which is what I wanted to go for, and I love the way that all of the accent pieces pop off the pages.  Most of the alphas and other stickers were from Dear Lizzy collections.  The book is simple, but so much fun to flip through.  Now I’m trying to think of what other summer adventures could translate into fun mini books this year!

Malibu Book 2-3 Malibu Book 4-5 Malibu Book 6-7 Malibu Book 8-9


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