2014 Project Life: Weeks 17-18

Week 17I’m pretty sure my project life methods will be forever changing.  I decided to be ambitious on Week 17 and try my hand at another 2 page spread (above).  I’ve only done one other 2 page spread this year, and that was for our honeymoon in Hawaii (when I had hundreds of photos and stories!)  This two week spread was being done for a completely normal non-vacation week when my photos and stories were a more limited. I liked the challenge of spreading things out, but in the end I prefer utilizing 1 page per week.  That may change, but for now it’s what’s working best for me :-)Week 17_Page 1 Week 17_ Page 2So then for Week 18 I went back to the one pager, and it came together quite nicely.  The photos and text are both minimal, and this week had a bit of a running theme.  I have tunnel vision about the half marathon I’ll be running in few weeks, and right now I’m seeing how my focus is showing up in my work . . . strange how that sometimes happens!Week 18

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