My Take on the Sharpie Mug DIY

Sharpie MugsAfter seeing Pinterest saturated with so many images of really fun sharpie designs on coffee mugs, I really didn’t think about making this DIY into a blog post.  However, trying to find a tried a true method of doing this craft (in a way where a general sharpie marker wouldn’t wipe off or fade after washing) actually proved to be very difficult.  So, after successfully venturing into this craft a couple of times (and finding a method where the mugs will survive the dishwasher!) I thought I might as well put my method out there into the world.  Hopefully these tips will help you create a fun mug for yourself or for someone you love.  These mugs were a lot of fun to make for Mother’s Day gifts this year!  My favorite designs are always the ones with simple words and patterned designs.  Good luck and I hope you have fun creating your own mug :-)Mug Gift


– Inexpensive coffee mug (it’s better to get an inexpensive mug because the glaze won’t be as heavy duty, allowing the sharpie markings to stick better)

– Black Sharpie

– 100% Acetone

– Cotton Ball

Step 1: Wipe down the surface of your mug using a cotton ball and acetone.  This will remove any finger oils and allow the sharpie markings to adhere better to the mug.

Step 2: Draw your design/phrase using your sharpie.

Step 3: Place your cups in the oven and turn it on to 425 degrees.  You want your mugs to heat up with the oven.  Once the oven has reached 425 degrees, leave the mugs in for an additional 30 minutes.

Step 4: After 30 minutes, open the oven just a crack to allow mugs to cool down at a gradual pace.  Don not remove them straight away or you’ll risk getting cracks.  After your mugs have cooled down you can remove them from the oven and allow them to finish cooling.

Step 5: If you’re giving this mug away as a gift, be sure to fill it well with lots of chocolates and tea :-) Mug Gift 2

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