DIY: Easy Geometric Painting

Painting on wall 1Remember last month when I made it one of my monthly goals to paint a large canvas I had had sitting around for almost 2 years?  Well, I painted it, and to my good fortune, I actually like how it came out!  So, when I saw an awesome deal on canvases at Michaels (2 for $10 . . . say what?!) I sneaked a pack of two into my cart.  It felt like a good move since I’ve taken a recent liking to painting and we have a lot of empty wall space that is crying out for some artwork.

I thought about getting larger canvases, but since I’m sill very much a beginner painter, I figured I wouldn’t mind blowing $10 if I decided I didn’t like how they turned out and wanted to throw them away.  I figured that in the end, at least it would be good practice!

Well, something great happened, you guys! I created another painting that I really like.  It’s very simple, and I think a painting like this might actually look more interesting when done on a larger scale, but I love the way the design pulled itself together in the end (more on that later) and I had so much fun playing around with colors and adding texture.  My painting tools were super basic (paper plates for mixing paint, a brush from a kid’s bulk pack of brushes, 99 cent acrylic paints from Walmart, and of course that $5 canvas!) but honestly, I like to test the waters before investing a lot of money into a hobby.Washi TapeCanvas with washi

When I started brainstorming what I wanted to do for this painting, all I knew is that I wanted to create something geometric.  I wanted some crisp shapes and lines.  I didn’t want to fuss over using a ruler to draw my lines, so instead I grabbed some washi take and taped away to create the interesting shape pattern I was going for.  This method was so much faster and easier then using a ruler because I could easily pull up the tape and reposition it if I wanted to.  You can use any kind of masking tape for this method, bust isn’t washi tape just so much cuter?!  Once I was happy with my design I got down to painting.  I made sure to press down the tape before I painted beside it to make sure paint wouldn’t seep underneath.  Once the paint had dried I carefully pulled off all the tape and then added some more interest to the painted shapes by adding some lines for texture.  I was so pleased with how the design looked after the tape was removed.  This is definitely a work of art that comes together at the very end . . . it can start to look a bit like a mess until you pull up the tape to reveal the crisp lines!  My lines weren’t completely perfect because my tape kept coming up, but I was still happy even with the imperfections (hey, I’m not trying to win any awards here :-)painting 2

This painting is hanging out right by our front door.  Amazingly, I can even see the painting at night without any lights on in that room.  The crisp white lines seem to capture any available light and give the painting a glowing quality.  Super cool :-)  I’m excited thinking about how I’m going to use that other blank canvas!Painting

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