Cinnamon Pull Apart Breakfast Rolls

Monkey Break MuffinsOh how I love a good breakfast roll!  Cinnamon rolls are my favorite- they are a rare thing to end up in the house because I know I would eat them . . . every . . . single . . . day, but a cinnamon roll kind of morning is the best kind of morning.  I have very similar feelings about coffee cake.  Although I miss the frosting gooeyness, they are still incredibly delicious.  When I saw this recipe, I felt like I had finally found the best of two worlds . . . gooey cinnamon pull apart breakfast rolls with a sweet frosting drizzle that melts away into the roll. Man are these good! Best paired with a good cup of coffee for morning breakfast . . . or a tall glass of milk if dessert is more your thing.

Now, please excuse me while I start my day off with a well balanced meal ;-)

monkey bread muffins 2 Monkey Bread Muffin BreakfastP.S. This recipe is amazing as is.  However, next time I’ll probably add a couple tablespoons of cream cheese to the frosting to make it a little less sugary and thicker.  These would also make amazing mini-muffins . . . doesn’t everything feel like a less guilty indulgence when you transform it to a miniature size?


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