May 2014 Goals


May Goals

Happy May First! Wow, am I excited about this month!  I have some pretty big project plans for the next 31 days, but I didn’t want to neglect setting some monthly goals.  Here, they are . . . keeping them pretty simple this month :-)

1) Bring more color into our home- I added two new things to our home decor last month- this painting, and some bright orange pillows for our bed.  Every time I see either of them I get so happy!  It’s that little pop of color that livens up how I’m feeling.  This month I’d like to strategically add more pops of color around the house.

2) Eat at three new restaurants and write up Yelp reviews- HA, two goals in one!  I love Yelp and I use it several times every day.  Yet, I’ve never written a review.  I’m starting to feel a little guilty for always using this free service and never giving something in return!  Time to get my review writing on and test out some new eateries . . . fingers crossed they’ll be hidden gems!

3) Try a new DIY

4) Drink more water- I already choose water over other beverages about 93% of the time.  However, I’d like to challenge myself this month to give up ALL sweet beverages that tend to add unnecessary calories to my diet (with the exception of my 1 cup of coffee in the morning).  That means no juices, wine, hot cocoa, the occasional sip of soda, none of it.

5) Try out a new workout class- I’m hoping this will help me not fall into a runner’s rut (making only running my workout routine) while I’m marathon training this month.



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