April Recap and Favorites


Recap on April Goals:I almost didn’t want to recap my goals for this month because I fell somewhat short in more than one area.  However, I think it’s important to reflect on the bad as well as the good. So, for better or worse, here we go!

1) Wake up early to enjoy the mornings: I thought this was going to be my most challenging goal, and it kind of turned out that it was and it wasn’t.  6 days out of the month (yes, I counted!) I rolled out of bed before 5:30am.  And . . . I LOVED it!  I was more energized for the better part of the day and I got to start my day with working on projects.  So, why didn’t it last?  I got so tired at the end of the week.  So tired that I was in actual physical pain.  Instead of pushing through that and keeping it as my new schedule I fell back to the temptation of sleeping just a little later (more like an hour later). Waking up extra early is definitely something I will continue to challenge myself to do.  I’m sure sooner or later it’s just going to be a normal feeling habit.

2) Paint Something on a Large Canvas- Yes, complete!

3) Finish Painting Backyard patio furniture- It was a painful test of patience, but I finished! I’ll be posting a before and after photos next month along with some tips on how you can transform your patio furniture just in time for summer lounging and backyard barbecues :-)

4) Journal after Wednesday Experience bible study: Epic fail on this one.  I loved every Wednesday night bible study, but nothing got transferred to paper.  Once I figure out how I can wake up at 5:15 every morning, I’ll dedicate the first 30 minutes of Thursday morning to doing this.
5)  Lose 5 lbs. :  I think I should have made this goal a little more positive instead of putting such a finite number down.  I did lose 3 pounds, which I think was due to an increased amount of running I did, but I watched the number go up and down all month and became obsessive over it . . . not a good thing.  Next month I’m going to have a health goal, but it’s going to be much more positive!  Image

And now for the Favorites! :-)

Food: O cooked some amazingly delicious steaks this month.  I wish I had photos! They were perfectly grilled and seasoned.  I’m definitely going share his grilling tips the next time we have a cookout.

Home project: Slowly bringing more color into our home.  O and I definitely have different styles.  Though we both like to keep things on the simple/minimalistic side, he leans towards a modern style while I’m kind of on the shabby chic side . . . and girly, definitely girly.  So, I’ve made my office as girly as it can possibly be and for the other areas of the home I’ve started adding pops of color- whether it’s through artwork or pillows- even the smallest changes can make a huge difference!

Makeup product: It’s all about lip color for me in the spring.  I love the Revlon Lip butters and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains (favorite colors: lovesick and adore.

Movie/Show: I rediscovered my love for Big Bang Theory this month.  That show is hilarious.  If you’re in love with Big Bang too, I recommend watching this.

Favorite Read: Whenever I find a blog that I absolutely love and admire, I always do something kind of odd . . . I search the archives section for some of the oldest posts.  I think its so interesting to see how people started and how their outlook transformed into something successful.  I loved this post about learning from the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ January 2013 archives.

Workout Routine:  I posted a very in-depth overview of my current routine and workout favorites here.

Song: I’m loving everything by Florence and the Machine right now.  I have the station set to repeat on Pandora :-)

Saying/Quote: “It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

I hope April was an amazing month for you!

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