2014 Project Life: Weeks 15-16


Happy Monday!  I’ve decided to continue uploading my Project Life spreads since I’ve been thoroughly enjoying seeing what others have created for their albums.  Yesterday I saw this post and it really got me thinking about the possibilities of what changes I could make for my album next year.  I’ve been enjoying doing a weekly spread, but I’m sure I’m going to want to have some options for other formats when January hits.  Change is good :-)


For Week 15 I focused mainly on a Saturday trip to the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area where our (or should I say O’s) main goal was to get me to eat sushi.  I’ve always been very hesitant to try raw fish, and in general I didn’t grow up eating any kind of fish, so eating sushi was not something that was at the top of my goals list (actually, it wasn’t on there at all!).  However, I know how much O loves food, and especially sushi, so it seemed only right to give it a try after all this time of us being together.  Before we went I knew I was gong to give it a fair try.  I wasn’t going to pick at my food . . . I was going to take full bites and try to not think about what I was eating, but more about how it tasted.  To my surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  For now, it falls pretty low in my preferred food choices, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to eating sushi again.  In fact, those spicy albacore chips were pretty darn good!


I found the quote “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” here .  I’m absolutely loving this quote and have it installed as my desktop wallpaper.


This artwork for “The World is your Oyster” is from a desktop calendar I have at work.  Occasionally I’ll hold onto the quotes that I want to use in my PL album or just pin up for future inspiration.  It seemed to fit quite well for this week’s spread :-)


Easter fell in Week 16, so I knew I would be using a lot of photos from that day.  I love the photo of O with his mom from when we went out to breakfast after church.  So much sunshine and happiness from spending time with family on that day.

PL_April 19-25 Closeup2

I’m so crazy about that Dear Lizzy bunny sticker!

PL_April 19-25 Closeup3

Again, the “Life is a beautiful ride” is another desktop calendar pick- definitely getting another one of these calendars next year!


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