Friday => With Love

Be Amazing Quote** . . . Wow, what if these two words were in everyone’s daily mantra? Love this! And love that this artwork is a free printable that can be downloaded here.

** I need to carve out some time to carve out some of these for my mom, sister, and closest girlfriends . . . and maybe 5 for me! :-)

** Lately I’ve been trashing/donating things left and right . . . I’ve caught the Spring Cleaning bug for sure!  This article has me wanting to do a whole lifestyle transformation.  New weekend projects?
** I’m obsessed with breakfast.  Isn’t it seriously the best meal of the day?  This recipe is reason enough to start a weekend morning with some cooking!
** Ingrid’s videos are seriously my favorite. I love the versatility she brings to her channel . . . beauty, fashion, health/recipes, DIY, and her cheeriness always puts me in a good mood!
I’m so ready for this weekend.  No big plans for the next couple of days, but I’m pretty sure that relaxation will trump all things on the list.  Hoping to spend some time on the Skillshare classes I signed up for a few weeks ago, catching up on project life (yes, I fell a little behind) and testing out some recipes I recently bookmarked.  This laid back weekend will be awesome :-) Happy Friday!


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