Well, there’s no turning back now . . . I am officially registered for my sixth half marathon!  This will be my first time running the same half marathon twice and I’m pretty excited about the fact that I already know what to expect from the course :-)  I’ve been contemplating registering for for the last month, and after a great run that beat all of my pace records I thought to myself .  . . let’s do this ;-)   At the beginning of the year I was pretty sure that my long distance running was over.  I was completely out of running shape and struggled to finish even a 1 mile run without walking on the treadmill, but the worst part was that I lacked the motivation to get over that hurdle.  I would run, but it would be for the physical product, not the enjoyment.  Finally, in early March I went for a run outside and rediscovered the many things I had forgotten I love about running.  There’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you can cover so much ground on your own two feet.  So, when the “spring forward” change happened last month, I started going for runs after work, and that increased to doing some weekend runs, and eventually it kind of felt like I was back into a running routine.

So, where does all of this leave me with my running?  To be honest, I’m not quite sure.  Running takes its toll and long runs are especially exhausting, but the feeling afterward (if you don’t overdo it too much) is wonderful.  Right now, I’m about 75% sure I’ll be doing a full marathon in October . . .  maybe I’ll know for sure after I run this half.  However, all I’m focusing on right now is training hard enough to beat my 2012 time.  That feels like a big enough goal for the moment!



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