Designing Easter Eggs with Sharpies

ImageI will admit that I haven’t decorated Easter Eggs for at least 10 years, possibly longer.  Yet I still remember the experience from when I was a little girl . . . we’d get out the tea cups, fill them with water, and watch the water turn color as the tablets dissolved (probably the only type of chemistry I enjoyed as a kid :-).  Then we’d stand at the kitchen counter dipping the eggs in as many colors as we could.  That magic crayon was not my favorite as I could never seem to get my designs right, but adding the color? . . . oh yes, that was my favorite!

ImageA couple of weeks ago my sister held a crafty get together and one of her plans was to revisit this tradition of painting Easter Eggs.  Once she mentioned designing with sharpies instead of paint, I was fully on board.  Using sharpies is such a great way to design eggs if you’re not really the “dye dipping” kind of person, or if you’re looking for a tool that lets you have more control over the design. I’m not always enthusiastic about working on something where I know the product will be disposed of within a week, but the process was so much fun.  I had a great conversation with family all while revisiting this simple craft.

Who says you can’t enjoy kids crafts when you’re in your 20s?


Happy Easter Egg coloring! :-)Image

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