Hawaii Honeymoon: Part 2

Hawaii Honeymoon Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of the Hawaii Honeymoon post, you can find it here.  When I was writing up the first post I really wanted to focus on the beauty of Hawaii . . . the landscapes and nature.  This post is geared towards looking at the more adventurous aspects!  It was so great going through these photos again . . .  I think I may eventually put a Hawaii mini book together, but for now this will be a great little recap of our Oahu adventures.

Hawaii (3)

Hawaii (5)Hawaii (4)

I’m so happy we decided to stay on the North Shore at the Turtle Bay Inn.  The seclusion of this place is a huge part of its appeal.  Although all of Oahu is gorgeous, it was nice to take in the scenery from a lounge chair with a fruity cocktail in hand . . . oh yeah ;-)

Hawaii (8)Hawaii (10) Hawaii (12)

We went on a couple of hikes, but this one at the Diamond Head Trail was our favorite.  It was a pretty good workout to get up the hill, and the view from the top was gorgeous!  The snow cones at the bottom of the trail were also delicious.

SurfingHawaii (16)

Hawaii (13)

O really wanted to surf, I really wanted to rent mopeds to drive around the island, and we both wanted to go to the luau at Paradise Cove . . . there were no compromises- we had to do it all :-)

Hawaii (18)

Although I loved all of the food and adventuring, one of my favorite things about our honeymoon was waking up every morning hearing the waves crashing against the shoreline and then grabbing a cup of coffee to enjoy the view from our room.

Hawaii (19)

These photos are really only pieces of our trip, but they’re wonderful pieces.  We loved Hawaii and Oahu will always hold a special meaning for us.

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