Project Life Update


I’m still loving the project life creative process.  I love that I decided to change the way I was thinking about the week.  Instead of narrowing my vision on a Monday-Sunday schedule (which is typically the way I’ve always looked at the week) I changed it to Saturday-Friday.  It’s such a small change, but it’s made all the difference for me in completing my project life spreads.  I now get to put my layouts together starting on Friday night and I have the entire weekend to finish them up.  The week is still fresh in my mind while I’m printing out the photos, and the journaling is more authentic.  I’d really like to get in the habit of printing my photos throughout the week and then maybe writing down a few thoughts on the back (while the words are REALLY fresh in my head) but for now this is what’s working for me.



One simple technique that I really enjoyed testing out this week was using watercolor and distress ink for the title journaling cards.  For the card above I used watercolor paper for the base and added some yellow watercolor paint by using a simple brush stroke across the card from top to bottom (definitely nothing fancy here).  Then, when that dried I got some Tim Holtz distress ink on a paper towel and blotted it onto the card in different areas to give it a more grungy look.  I love how that card ties everything together for the layout.  It’s a great way to test out a technique on a small scale.  It’s definitely a technique I’ll use on full spread layouts in the future.



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