April Goals

April Goals

I’m pretty satisfied with how I did on last month’s goalsI went to 4 Saturday yoga classes, hung a photo collage in our living room (and have a couple more wall installations in the works), tried out a couple of new recipes (saying that I “cooked” is a bit of a stretch, but we did eat food that I put together . . . that should count, right?), and I also worked on our mantle so it looks more fresh for Spring.  Sadly, the one goal that I missed last month was the one that I really wanted to do . . . host a dinner gathering.  In April there will be no excuses.  There will be a dinner get-together and it will be fabulous.  I’m determined!

For April, I’ve amped up my goals.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at number 5. Yikes!  These goals are no April Fool’s Joke y’all! 

1. Wake up early to enjoy the mornings: Under normal conditions I would say that waking up early and enjoying the morning go together like water and oil for me.  I don’t even pretend to be a morning person anymore.  My husband leaves the house almost 2 hours before me during the week, and I have to admit that I’m grateful he doesn’t have to witness the mess that is my morning routine.  Rolling out of bed, packing all my stuff for work while managing to down my breakfast, and occasionally getting a few extra minutes to spend taming my hair.  I know, it’s about 20 minutes of absolute chaos.  So, in April I want to strive to try something new.  I want to wake up almost 90 minutes earlier (at 6am) spend less time rushing and more time just enjoying some coffee and catching up on some blog reading, or kickstarting the day with a morning workout, or anything else really, but the goal here is to enjoy a stress-free, non-rushed, morning.  I have a feeling this might be my most challenging goal this month.

2. Paint something on a large canvas: I’ve had a huge blank canvas for a couple of years now.  It moved with me from my apartment into our home and now it’s just sitting on the floor in our guest bedroom.  It needs a lot of love.  Truth be told, I’m slightly intimidated by tackling large surface areas, and even more intimidated by painting .  . . which might lead you to the question of: Why did I buy the canvas in the first place?!  Two words . . . Black Friday.  But now is the time to get to work on it.

3. Finish painting backyard patio furniture: This one should be easy . . . I’m already more than halfway done :-) 

4. Journal after Wednesday Experience bible study: I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now.  I feel so empowered and enlightened every Wednesday night after our bible study, but I haven’t taken the time to reflect on what I’m learning or how I plan to apply what I’ve learned to my life.  Now seems like a good time to start.

5.  Lose 5 lbs.: Lose weight?  Sure, why not?  And while we’re at it, let’s add a concrete number of 5 lbs since that sounds ambitious yet reasonable.  In April I’m going to do more healthy eating, control my portions better, and work out a little more . . . at least I hope I do!      


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