March Roundup and Favorites


So much happened this month.  I can hardly believe that it was all contained in only 31 days (well, 29 actually since I’m posting this a little early!) One of my proudest moments this month was the launch of this new blog.  I had been thinking about this move for awhile, but it felt so good to finally put it out there.  Brainstorming about where I want this to go, what I have to offer, what I still want and need to learn and then how to make it all happen . . . its mind boggling but so exciting at the same time.

Here were some highlights from this month (pictures above: top to bottom, left to right): The only time up the mountain this season.  It was a sad year for snow, but I still had one good run; Thai Teas and O’s favorite Thai restaurant in LA; handmade gift for O’s b-day; in line at Universal Studios;  pre-yoga workout shot; 85 Degrees iced caramel macchiato- delicious!; O made sure to pick out only the best pieces of wood for our new home project; Dad getting out his table saw for the first time in a long while to help us with our woodworking project; love the way this sign was designed at Juice it Up!; cooking my first stir-fry; taking a run on a very familiar route while contemplating the possibility of doing a full marathon in the near future; cooking up a pizza creation at Pieology; playful O captured; a craft day with just family was so relaxing and fun; Dad wearing one of the Christmas presents I got him last year- he lives down the words on that apron for sure; a little pre-Easter egg decorating.

And now for the favorites!

Recipe: I didn’t do a lot of cooking or baking this month, but I did some serious food research (in other words, I looked at lots of beautiful pictures of foods I want to make).  Here’s what I bookmarked: This breakfast goodie might create a new standard for our Sunday mornings.  You must know I love cinnamon rolls when I show you my next recipe .  Nothing like a well balanced diet, right? ;-)  I’ve also been eying this book recently.  I’m very much a beginner cook and I feel like this book might be a good starting point for a cooking newbie.

Home project: Thanks to my monthly goal of covering up some blank wall space, I managed to actually hang up some pictures! And, thinking about future projects, I’m seriously loving this idea:

Makeup product: Covergirl Stay Fabulous foundation . . . this was my everyday staple for this month.  Very lightweight and the pump makes it sanitary and mess free.

Crafting product: It has to be these mambi chip stickers from Me and My Big Ideas.  So many stickers for such a great price and they seemed to go great with a lot of the projects I worked on this month.

Movie: It might be a tie between Gravity and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.  Both were great movies . . . in their own ways :-)

Favorite Read: Being between three books can be a good and bad thing.  Sadly, I didn’t finish a single book this month, but I’m finding The Five Paradoxical Commandments to be very uplifting and enlightening.  Hopefully I’ll be sharing a full review soon!

Workout Routine:  Running . . . it’s an oldie but goodie.  I really took advantage of the time change and great weather in SoCal and went for several after work runs this month :-)

Song: Oddly, nothing really stood out to me this month.  I typically listen to music while I’m in the car, but this month I definitely had more quiet car rides . . . must be all that yoga!

Saying/Quote: “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”


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