Hawaii Honeymoon: Part 1


Having Hawaii as our honeymoon getaway was truly a dream come true.  Somewhere along the line of our wedding planning we had tossed around the idea of traveling out of the country, and even went to get our passport photos taken.  However, there just wasn’t enough time to work full time, plan a wedding, and learn all the ins and outs of visiting a new country in 5 months!  We chose to stay in the states and visit one the most popular (if not THE most popular) honeymoon destinations.  It didn’t at all feel like we were settling . . . it is Hawaii after all!

This Part 1 post is just a few select photos of the beautiful Oahu landscape.  When we arrived in Oahu and were exiting the airport it was barely raining outside.  Throughout the whole trip we enjoyed amazing weather, with just a couple of scattered showers that didn’t really effect our plans at all.  Mostly the weather was perfect- between 75-80 degrees . . . perfect . . . and just how we imagined Hawaii weather to be ;-)  And the landscapes?  Well, they pretty much speak for themselves in these photos.  Breathtakingly beautiful.

Hawaii 1Hawaii 2Hawaii 3Hawaii 4Hawaii 5Hawaii 6Hawaii 7Hawaii 8Hawaii 9

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